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2013 Michigan Fairs & Events brochure

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The Michigan Association of Fairs and Exhibitions is a 125 year old organization, a patriarch within the industry, serving over 400 members; comprised of fairs (87 county or local fairs), festivals and associate members. Associate members include livestock groups and agricultural shows, representatives of grandstand entertainment, carnival and amusements, supplies and equipment, concessions, midway games and trophy services…

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Legislative Updates before Nov. 1, 2013

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Unpaid Youth Volunteers Exempt from Work Permits at County Fairs Legislation:
Given To Governor Snyder for his signature at 3:54 pm July 6, 2011.
Passed the House 110-0 (6-23-11); passed the Senate 38-0 (6-30-11)
A Big Thank you to Representative Ken Goike, 33rd District and the 50 addtional Representatives that co-sponsored HB4727.
Click here to download the legislation passed. (7-6-11)

President of the Armada Fair elected to Michigan Legislature, November 2, 2010
Ken Goike Jr, President of the Armada Fair, […]

MAFE News Updates before Nov. 1, 2013

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Michigan woman wins national 4-H Award (4-30-12)

Milking Animals & Biosecurity at county fairs in Michigan (4-26-12)

Eli Young Band won the Country Song of the Year Award at the 2012 Country Music Awards. Congratulations!
The group appeared at the MAFE Showcase just a couple of years back and were brought to us by:
Klein’s Entertainment
RJ Kaltenbach.
Contact info: 815.943.9777, or

MDARD Updates before Nov. 1, 2013

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2013 Governor letter for County Fairs
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2013 Animal Health Requirements
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2013 Director of MDARD Welcome Letter
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2012 MDA Forms

120 Day Report
2012 Year End Report
2012 Annual Statement
2012 Annual Update
Confirmation of Fair Dates
2012 Transmittal Form

Milking Animals & Biosecurity at county fairs in Michigan … click here, 4-30-12

Livestock Exhibition Requirements […]